Battling Through A Short-Term Injury or Illness

I don’t handle being ill very well. I am , literally, the type of person who gets angry when they get sick because it slows me down more than necessary. Suddenly, it’s harder to get out of bed, more difficult to get the simplest of tasks done, and—most importantly—it’s tough to find the energy to exercise.

You know how they say, sometimes, it’s just “mind over matter”? Well, where being ill is concerned, my mind doesn’t matter one bit. Anything that slows down your physical being will force you to take a different approach to how you handle any plans you might have had on the docket for that day.

So, how do you handle such small, inconvenient, setbacks? Well, the first thing you must do is see such times as an opportunity to rest your mind and body.

Your body can be as well-oiled a machine as you want it to be, but if it’s suffering the effects of a cold or some other common challenge of the physical kind, then take that as a sure sign that you need a minute to re-energize yourself—and sometimes getting sick is the only way most of us will do so.

Secondly, us the time to engage in meditation or some other form of spiritual enhancement because your mind is every bit as important as your body.

Lastly, understand the value of such challenges as they pertain to your overall self-improvement goals. I find that I am more motivated after recovering from a cold or an injury because I feel more refreshed and renewed from all the rest and relaxation time I was granted.

So, the next time those allergies are kicking your rear, or that flu bug makes its home on your front door, consider it a good thing (okay, well maybe not a good thing, but you get my meaning) and take it as your opportunity to fine-tune the other sentient parts of you and get them back on track. 

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