Facing The Music: Even Living In "The Now" Has Limitations

As a woman who has accepted the fact that she is always trying to become better than she was the day before, I understand that growth is about making your way through the easy and the tough moments. You’re not always going to have the best response to things, but you will learn some lesson of worth— if you’re open to it.

I often try to tell myself that I can be of sound mind, even in the worst of circumstances, because my spiritual and mental side has progressed to that point—I have arrived! But, to be frank, I am no more immune to fits of indecision than the next person. As a matter of fact, I am often completely confused by exactly where my learning process began and what part I’m supposed to play in making it a more enlightening experience.

However, in my defense, even in those moments of confusion, I am still striving to do what’s best for me. The only problem with that approach is that it, at times, leaves me without a grasp on the bigger picture—which can lead to my feeling emotionally distraught about all the things I don’t know or understand.

In other words, because I am so focused on the moment, I lose sight of the long-term purpose of my actions and reactions. I cease to see how this moment will, ultimately, change the course of all the others that follow and—while that may not seem like a bad thing for a person who prides herself on living in the now—it can be problematic because one of the biggest lessons you have to learn as an individual is when to take things deeper than the surface. 

The best I ever hope for is to come out the other side of each day with a clearer purpose than which I entered. And while I am fully aware that this approach will, at times, leave me unprepared for accepting the worst case scenarios when they undoubtedly do happen, I’m okay with that because life is nothing if not unpredictable.

I wasn’t meant to foresee it all, just to live it and hope like hell that my actions make all the difference in the person I am trying to be.

One thought on “Facing The Music: Even Living In "The Now" Has Limitations

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