Poetry Break: Releasing The Anger to Embrace The Words

I don’t consider myself a “poet”, but I’ve always found a certain release through any and everything I write because the written word is such a powerful form of communication for me. I spent a great deal of my adolescent life being held back by insecurities and self-doubt—most of which stemmed from an inability to see the beauty within my own soul. So, as a  way of escape, I started to journal, writing short stories, and poetry—lots and lots of poetry. To this day, the latter is a habit that I continue to keep.

Below, you’ll find just one of hundreds of such verses that I’ve written over the years. It’s inspiration came from a relationship I hold with a very dear friend of mine. Consider it another small piece of me being shared as this blog has become more an exercise in declaring my own thoughts than imparting any true knowledge to those who faithfully do read.

Words for my Sister

A setting sun seems less than stellar, minus the beautiful backdrop of a brilliantly blue sky,

An endless road that’s traveled is worthless without a destination, or reason, for which to drive,

A broken promise left unmended will only fester unless love intervenes,

And a forgiving heart can bring together enemies where unkind words blank spaces

It’s not that life is without it’s challenges,
Everyday brings something new.
It’s what you do in the moments of silence, and contemplation, that most define me and you.

The soul is blessed to live minus the drama, the bullshit and the rage,

Living to love and fight again in spite of the negative forces by which it’s plagued.

It is in the time that exists between it all that I recall the precious people that have lined my life,

And it is in that time that I am thankful to have the sisterhood that is you and I.

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