Don’t Rush Into Anything

When my first child was born, I was in my late twenties. I decided to wait until I was no longer selfish and actually wanted to be a mother before making this decision and, as it turned out, that was the best decision I ever made—for them and for me.

As a newly married woman, I wasn’t sure the type of wife I was going to be, much less mother.

My parents marriage ended in divorce—due mostly to issues with my father’s health—and I didn’t have any positive relationships around me to learn from, or pocket away the examples of until I was ready to love and marry a husband of my own.

Plain and simple, I didn’t have a clue what made a relationship work.

Eventually, I found a mate who was my equal in every way, and once I did, I wanted him to myself for as long as possible. I wanted to drink him in and enjoy being married and in love—hence my being nearer to 30 than 20 when our first child was born.

The point of this is to say that it’s important to assess your readiness when making life-changing decisions. Don’t rely on what you think is acceptable to those around you, or what you feel is the right thing based on what you’ve seen others do.

Rely on your instincts and your heart where such decisions are concerned if for no other reason than, once said choice has been made, it cannot be taken back.

Be aware of who you are,what you want, and what works for you and always listen closely to that still, small voice.

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