The Christmas Spirit Escapes Me

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.A few weeks ago, as we returned from my son’s soccer practice, I noticed someone already had their Christmas tree up, lit, and on display in their window—yet, at the time, it was still a week or more before Halloween!

Now I can understand being anxious for all the goodness Christmas brings, trust me. As a child I always looked forward to Christmas in a major way, too.

The sounds, smells, and look of the season gave me so much to smile about that I could hardly contain myself long enough to put up my own tree and decorations. But, lately it feels like we’re being bombarded with the sales pitch for Santa earlier and earlier and that concerns me.

(BEFORE Halloween?…Seriously?)

You see, I’m one of those people who remembers the “reason for the season”, and while the commercialization of Christmas hasn’t lessened that knowledge, I worry that the day will soon come where Christmas is lumped in with a “holiday” like, say, Valentines Day—which is to say, it’ll be just another day upon which money can be made.

Does that sound ridiculous? Well, brace yourself for the way I considered staging my own personal protest.

While I could never get away with foregoing presents—Santa and I are on speed dial at this point—I did consider ditching the tree and everything else this year as a way of reminding my children that as much as Christmas brings joy and good tidings for them, it’s about the birth of Jesus Christ first and foremost, and He didn’t require an inflatable reindeer to announce His arrival.

I know, I know, it’s extreme, but I’ve finally become bothered by those who seek to make Christmas about the dollars and sense and, by doing so, letting the true reason go unnoticed.

In the end I will likely do as I have always done—put the tree and every other decoration up on Thanksgiving night—but this year I feel an even bigger need to refocus the attention (at least to those in our home) on why we celebrate this wondrous day in the first place. 


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Spirit Escapes Me

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Aww, this makes me sad to read. As much as I certainly get why you feel the way you do (a Christmas tree before Halloween? CRAZY) I don't think God wants us to miss out on the joy of the season by protesting. He just wants us to focus on Him and the celebrations within our church families & home families. I have a few ideas that might help convey the important message you want your precious little ones to learn & remember:1) When putting up your tree, treat like a Hanging Of The Green service. Teach them the biblical principals & importance of live greens during the winter season2) Find a child-appropriate, daily Family advent devotional. Meet together as a family every day or night & read/discuss the lesson together.3) Light advent candles with the kids each Sunday & create some crafts or activities (maybe even scripture memory) for each week's focus.4)Instead of going overboard with the Santa presents, maybe do the popular 3 Wise Men theory. You'll have to google this one, but I think it means giving each child 3 gifts.5) Let your kids be the Wise Men for others. Go to the mall or your church or even JC Penney and let each child use their allowance money (or yours, whatever) and purchase 3 angel tree gifts for children less fortunate.6) Pack a Operation Christmas Child shoebox – they are due this week though!There are tons of other ideas out there, but my point is to not let the secular focus of others ruin your spiritual focus and ruin your family's joy at Christmas. I'm so glad you changed your mind about boycotting the tree. It's tough to keep the focus on Christ and have some balance, but I'd hate for the kids to miss out on the wonder & fun of the season too. I hope you're doing well! I've been thinking of you & your family since Maybell's passing. We'll certainly have you in our prayers this upcoming Holiday season as well. Blessings to you & your family!


  2. Thank you for the kind words, Ally. And, don't you worry, I plan to continue our tradition of celebrating Christ and Christmas in the Nash home :)That said, those are some wonderful suggestions—particularly 1,2, and 5—for teaching our little ones just how important it is to value Christmas for His birth and not just for the "Santa" who brings them their goodies. This is an especially tough holiday season for me on a personal level as Maybell was always big on keeping the spirit alive and present during this time. Her home was always the best on the block for decorations and her kitchen smelled of the sweetest of sweets from Thanksgiving to New Years! I'll be missing her dearly during this time, but hope to honor her with my own actions this season. Hope all is well with you and yours—let Jeff know I'll be pulling for his Tide this weekend 🙂


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