Should Tax Money Go To The ‘Shop Around The Corner’?

Thanks to a federal grant, a local store in San Antonio was able to install a new refrigeration unit that will allow them to sell fresh fruits and vegetables to their local patrons. The addition of such items, it is hoped, will help consumers in that neighborhood make better choices about what they choose to put into their bodies.

The effort—as part of the “Communities Putting Prevention to Work” federal grant—hopes to be the first of many opportunities for the federal government to increase health and food awareness in local communities where food and health education is not as prevalent.

While I don’t take issue with the government stepping in to introduce healthier food alternatives, I do feel that it makes more sense to spend the money necessary to regulate what comes into the country, as well as what is served to our children school via the Food and Drug Administration—FDA. However, I guess it’s easier to service a community than a country where this particular matter is concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I do applaud the idea of convenience stores offering fresh fruits and veggies to its patrons but, in the end, it’s still going to be up to the consumer/parent to make that choice and a federal effort to offer it won’t necessarily guarantee a positive result.


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