Make A Resolution to Live Healthy, Not Lose Weight

Diets aren’t my thing. I mean, living healthy can seem a bit like dieting but, when you’re talking about making a lifestyle change, it’s not exactly the same as someone who has signed up for Jenny or Weight Watchers for as long as they can pay the fees and afford the foods. No, a lifestyle change is simply a decision to “eat this, not that” and that’s as simple as I can put it for those who like simplicity.

That said, every day can be a challenge for even the healthy minded because there is always new information about food and some new definition of “healthy”. It’s a challenge that I have trouble facing up to, from time to time, I must admit. But, eating healthy and preserving this God-given body of mine is something I am so passionate about that I am willing to make the effort to do what I can to remain informed and not succumb to whatever information is force fed to me through less reliable sources with an agenda.

Even so, I am not perfect.

I enjoy a slice of cake every now and then, and it can be difficult to turn down a piece of chocolate when the craving hits me but, for the most part, the mantra for me remains to “eat this, not that” and keep up my regular exercise/stretching regimen and that is something that has always worked for me. 

Many people, I feel—and if this sounds arrogant or short-sighted, please trust that is not my intention—complicate the process too much by subscribing to one dietary plan for some random extent of time. The only plan that has ever worked, consistently, is to eat right and exercise. It’s not now, nor has it ever been, rocket science.  That’s the tried and true way to remain healthy and lose weight—if losing weight is your goal.

You have to commit to this not for 30, 60, or 90-days, but for a lifetime, anything less is futile.


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