How Vain Are You?

I’m not a fan of overly arrogant people because, by and large, their attitudes stink. They don’t appear to have any genuine humility and often act like they are most entitled people in the world. It’s a particularly unattractive trait in a man—I’m sure that opinion has to do with my being a woman—and it’s certainly a personality marker that can make or break any personal relationship I attempt to foster with an individual.

That said, I readily admit I’m a vain about being “fit” and though I don’t go around shoving my fitness methods in people’s faces, I am aware that I work hard to have the body I do and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m proud of its progress compared to where it was two years ago.

In my opinion, some level of vanity is necessary if I hope to get to the “goddesss” body that I am always referring to. You simply can’t reach your best you without being a stickler for things like food and how much, and the kinds, you consume or getting serious about how you approach your workout sessions. 

You have to say to yourself ‘I’m going to do this the right way or not at all’ because, otherwise, you’re not on a fitness mission, you’re just exercising.

Complete attention to detail is necessary in order to reach your maximum potential.

So, you’re likely wondering who am I to say this to anyone? After all, I don’t have any fitness products attached to my name and, as far as you know, I might not even work out everyday.

Being an unseen blogger can give the wrong impression I’m sure.

Well, without letting loose a barrage of photos, I’ll only say you’ll have to trust me when I tell you I take being fit very seriously and I do exercise on a regular basis—five, sometimes six, times per week.

It’s not a hobby for me, it’s a lifestyle. And that lifestyle is built on one principle: maximizing my efforts to reach my greatest potential physically. I’m not satisfied with only being able to fit into a particular size jeans or looking great in a bikini. I want to be able to look in the mirror and say ‘damn, girl’ and know that I did that all by myself.

Is that a little vain?  Probably.

Still, though, what’s wrong with a little vanity between the mirror and you?


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