Truth in Individualty

I can be a tough woman to please. My mood shifts on a dime, I’m constantly obsessing over something that to most people would seem petty, and I’m never altogether certain if I’m where I want to be–emotionally–on any given day of the week.

Exercise, for me, offers a way to remain connected to my body (and hence myself) long enough to figure out what my goals are and where I need to refocus my attention in order to meet them.

However, if I make the mistake of going astray from my food diet or not getting the sleep I need the night before–often leading to a lackluster workout—then I’m prone to regress into bad habits as willingly as any other.

Simplicity comes easily only if you’re life isn’t complicated or cluttered. And if the only person you have to worry about is yourself, chances are it’ll be easy to step away and not be as accountable for your misgivings because there won’t be anyone there to call you on it.

That said, if you’re presenting your life to the same people on a daily basis, any mistakes or missteps you make will undoubtedly be on display. You can try to run from their critiques for a while but, eventually, you will be forced to endure the opinion of that person who feels the need to “keep it real” with you.

The thing I’ve tried to learn from my numerous trips down the road of imperfection is that I’m likely always going to be my own worst critic. As such, the bar I’ve set for myself is one that has to be flexible, realistic, and open to success and my failure.

Truth in individuality is the key to becoming better as a person and more focused as a woman/man of good health (both physical and mental).

Take the three steps forward as a sign of progress and any regressions as your personal message that no improvement can be complete without first revisiting where you began.

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