I’m Not Trying To Be Pretty When I Exercise

The women who always blew my mind at the gym were the ones who looked so adorable at the end of their time there.

Their hair was always perfectly tousled (a subtle wisp always fell across their eyes), they had just enough sweat on their sports bra to make it look like the elliptical, or that spin class, really did a number on them, and they were so darn perky, too. I mean, they were just about ready to burst into dance from how happy they were when they finally left for home.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take issue with looking cute. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the major reasons for my exercising in the first place.

Sure, the health benefits are wonderful and I have more energy than most because I take such good care of my body, but the shallow truth—as I’ve stated many times before—is I want to be stunning no matter what I put on. That said, I’m all business when I exercise. I literally have no desire to look cute.

Quite frankly, I become a sweaty mess.

My hair, even though it’s pulled back, is soaked with sweat, my face is contorted and twisted from the pain of 1,000 lunges and too many sets of high knee runs, and my demeanor can only be described as “stay away from me” because I’m seriously not interested in conversing once I get in the zone. Honestly, I don’t have the energy to chat even if the desire was there because I’m always trying to push my body through the next pain threshold.

I’m dead serious about my regimen and the only person who is likely to interrupt its flow is my hubby who, oddly enough, seems turned on by it all—go figure.

My point here is this…well, as usual, a pin says it better.

Does that mean you can’t look cute when you get there? Or shouldn’t indulge in the deliciously divine gear that they sell us ladies to make us look so sporty while we’re doing what we do? Of course not! But if all you care about is looking cute, then honey, you might need to rethink your regimen.

Just saying.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Trying To Be Pretty When I Exercise

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Ditto. I'm the same way – I look like a hot, sweaty mess after a workout. I'd love to be one of those girls who "glisten" but I just wasn't created to be that girl. My cheeks get really red, my t-shirt is wet, and I'm pretty sure I smell (haha). The price we pay for skinny 😉


  2. I'll pay that price every day of the week and TWICE on Sunday, Ally. The only man I give two clicks about looking cute for doesn't care what state I'm in so when I'm looking like such a hot mess from working my body down to the bones, I'm good with it. Sometimes I even remember the labels (clothing labels) that I adore so much and would simply cry if I could no longer wear anymore due to not being my ideal size.Shallow?..Yes. Do I care, though?..Nah, not really ;)LOL!


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