Oh Victoria, Your Secret is an Expensive Mess!

So, I decided to treat myself to a clothing allowance. I figure my wardrobe needs a bit of an update and I’m tired of wearing the same rotation of clothing I’ve been wearing since 2011—well, maybe not that long, but long enough. That said, I’m updating every stitch of clothing I own (donating what I can and pitching what isn’t altogether useful) and taking to the internet, boutiques, and everywhere else to find out what my new style will become.

Thus far I’m still hopelessly enamored of Ann Taylor, find way too much at Banana Republic, and wish to heaven I could download clothing from Free People, Michael Stars, and James & Joy—love, love, love.

However, before the top layer goes on, the bottom layer must take center stage and that means my first trip was going to be to Victoria Secret for some of those pretty things that look ever so amazing on their “Angels”.

The first thing I did was get a bra fitting from a wonderful associate named Nicole. The process itself wasn’t the slightest bit uncomfortable and took about 30 seconds.

Once my size was confirmed, I went about the business of finding some bras that were both comfortable and sexy to look at (while you can say a lot of things about Victoria Secret, it would be impossible to deny that they have some undeniably gorgeous bras and panties) which was where my visit went quickly down the rabbit hole. 

The bras I chose were nearly $50.00 a piece, and let me tell you I understand how important support and style are but, $50 frickin’ dollars?!? I nearly cried as I plopped down the cash for those brassieres—seriously, you would think they were dipped in gold and manufactured by Venus herself.

Again I admit they were super comfy—as far as that statement can apply to a bra—and lovely to look at, but they blew my budget for the day and reminded me why the last time I bought a bra it wasn’t at that pricey pink store.

Jeez, Victoria, you are secretly killing me. 


One thought on “Oh Victoria, Your Secret is an Expensive Mess!

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Amen. I'm a big fan of VS, but their lingerie is freakin' expensive. Odd though, their bikinis are super inexpensive. And kudos for treating yourself for a change 😉


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