So,There’s This Wedding…

Okay, time to share.

I had the great fortune of finding the most beautiful, form-fitting, dress whilst on a family trip to Washington, D.C. a couple weeks back—a sweetheart of a deal found on a Lord and Taylor rack for under $30 after being marked down from over $200—and I decided I was going to wear that very dress to a wedding that’s quickly approaching (April 28th).

That dress is an absolute stunner, according to my hubby, and I have zero intention of wearing it with too much armor (i.e. spanx) as I hope I can pull it off without such accoutrements—wishful thinking, I’m sure, but that’s the plan.

So, in an attempt to do just that, I upped my ab routine to include more planking, more crunching, and a lot more cardio. In other words, my regimen went from hell to, as my friend Ally at Copacetic in Carolina might call it, the 5th circle of hell (haha, I still think that’s too funny) the moment I walked out of Lord & Taylor’s. But it shall all be worth it if I can pull it off as that dress is definitely as much for the hubby as it is for me.

That said, I’m at the midway point and I’ll be making even more adjustments over the coming days to see if I can reach my goal before then. Fingers, toes, and eyes are certainly crossed.

If you’re curious as to how far I’ve come, just click here, otherwise silently be wishing me luck.

Just eight days to go!


One thought on “So,There’s This Wedding…

  1. Ally Garner says:

    SpanxIf you lose another pound you're going to waste away, Kim! You're tiny & ALL MUSCLE!Girl, if you need Spanx then I need a all-body suit of armor ;)You'll look gorgeous, I can assure you. And kudos for snagging such an incredible deal! That's some impressive shopping ;)PS – full disclosure: I stole that 5th circle of hell remark from Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation-the meltdown scene. Love that movie!


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