You Mean It Doesn’t Matter When I Eat?

I love reading informative fitness articles, even when they touch on things that I already know after years of self-study, and the link below should be a bookmark on everyone’s laptop because it is an invaluable resource to anyone who is either just starting out or considers themselves to be somewhat informed. 

It speaks of the “26 Myths…” of fitness and two in particular are heard by me on a regular basis:

…Myth #1 – If you eat after 7 p.m. you will gain weight.
Truth: Energy balance determines your bodyweight. If your energy intake (food and drink) is greater than your energy expenditure, then you will gain weight. If your energy intake is less than your energy expenditure, then you will lose weight. What time of night you eat does not make you gain weight!
G-Tip: I would suggest decreasing your carbohydrate intake later in the day and into the night when you are less active. Eat lean proteins, fiber and fats.
Myth #2 – If you are a woman and you lift weights, you will get bulky.
Truth: Women do not have enough natural testosterone to build large muscles. You will only get harder, leaner and firmer! Lifting weights will also help you burn calories and fat— during and after your workout.
G-Tip: Lifting weights is an essential component in any fitness program. No matter what your goals are, lifting weights will help build not only an amazing, well-sculpted, firm body, but keep you strong and build overall confidence and self-esteem!…
…Myth #10 – The best time to exercise is in the morning.
Truth: The best time to exercise is based on you. Some people are “morning people” and find they are most productive before noon. If this describes you, then you should exercise in the morning. However, others, whether through personal preference or due to their schedules, find it easier to work out in the afternoon or evening. This is what they should do. You will build the same amount of muscle in the morning or in the evening.
G-Tip: There are theories about when is the best time to do this or do that and everyone has their beliefs. For everyday lifestyle living, the bottom line is to get in your daily workouts no matter if that means you do so in the morning, afternoon or evening. Everybody’s lives and schedules are different so you have to do what is best for you.

And that’s just a few of the common misconceptions.

Personally, I’ve always heard the one about when to not eat and wondered how much sense it made simply because, like the article states, just because it’s past 7 doesn’t mean your day has ended. You could conceivably burn just as many calories in your nighttime activity (dancing, playing a sport, swimming, running, or otherwise) as you did during the day.

Quite frankly, during the summer months, when the days are longer, it’s not unusual to find me in the yard or out and about.

So it makes sense that you would eat according to what your body needs but just resolve to eat smart. 

I highly suggest giving the link a look if you’re even a little curious as to how many of those tried and true “facts” of fitness you might still be hanging onto for yourself. You might be surprised what you find.

26 Fitness Myths Revealed


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