Be Realistic

I have a pet peeve and some people might call it a rather obnoxious pet peeve, but it’s a pet peeve nonetheless; I hate impatience where losing weight is concerned. People always seem to forget getting fit and losing weight is a process, and look opt for the easy way out; but that’s the worst approach to fitness you can take because fit takes time.

While I continually strive for my own version of a goddess body, I have never in my life ingested a supplement (outside of vitamins) or subscribed to a fad diet—no Atkins, no Grapefruit Diet, no South Beach, no Zone…nothing, Nathan, nada—I simply don’t believe in any of that stuff.

Now, I know what some of you might be saying, “good for you, but you’ve probably never lived outside of a size six in your life”; not true.

Despite maintaining an exercise regimen and a fairly decent diet, I still managed to gain better than 40lbs with my first child. And after he was born, I did not dive back into my routine right away  because I was too busy and overjoyed being a new mommy. I didn’t have the time or the motivation to do anything more than a little yoga—and not even that was on a regular basis.

That said, once I finally did find the motivation to get things going again, I knew I had my work cut out for me because not only had I gained weight, but I’d lost muscle tone and definition. All the hours spent in gyms and on great eating habits officially went down the drain between my son’s birth and the birth of our second child—a span of roughly 2 1/2 years.

However, once I got going again, I did so with one very important fact in mind: it took you three-years to get here, it’ll take you at least that long to get back. And trust me, that wasn’t an easy fact to accept. I certainly wanted to reach for that quick fix—I won’t lie, it crossed my mind for a nano—but I knew that would be temporary and, as you know, my personal philosophy is “fit is forever”. So I started slow and set realistic goals along the way and now, three-years removed from that personal pep talk, I am further along than if I’d never started.

You cannot be discouraged about what you’re not losing. You have to be real with yourself and set reachable goals. That’s the only way you’ll stick with it.

And remember…take your time.



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