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Motivation Monday: Keep The Excuses to a Minimum

It’s Monday and I am definitely feeling the hate from the tired genie who has decided to hex me with a little extra exhaustion to start my week. However, as always, the motivation to get/stay fit is always infinitely more powerful than the outside forces that look to thwart my efforts. So for you, my trusty followers, I offer another “Pin” for motivation to start the week off right.

Now…let’s get it done!


My Mothers Day Testimony

I was watching a television the other day and I saw this beautiful commercial by Procter and Gamble:

I cry like a baby every time I watch it because I think of my own children and how quickly they’re growing into little people with dreams of their own. Even at four and seven, they seem so big to me now because I so vividly remember holding each of their tiny little hands in my own after they were born.

My little girl, age four, and the most beautiful ballerina I’ve ever seen, is coming into her own more and more each day. She’s like a sponge, soaking up every experience and making me pause to appreciate even the simplest of things as she sees them through her own very unique perspective.

Her smile melts me even on the most difficult of days because I know there is nothing but love and adoration behind it. And it is that adoration and love that makes me want to rope the moon for her if I can.

She is my princess and I cannot imagine a more perfect bond than the one I know we will have as she grows older.

My son, seven, is  smart, funny, and so full of life that it’s nearly contagious. And as I shuttle him back and forth to soccer, karate, or scouts, I see the wonderful little boy he’s becoming and I can’t help but smile at how proud I am of how well he’s making his way through this world.

He protects his sister, no matter what, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to me or dad—no matter what the task—simply because he wants so much for us to be proud of him. He loves having a reason to make us smile and say “atta boy” because to him that means everything—and to us that means the world.

His compassion towards others is beautiful to see and I love how he’s always leaving me little notes to say how great a mom he thinks I am or how much he loves his family.

He is our little man of the house and even at seven-years old, he’s not ashamed to give his mom a kiss and hug in front of his friends in the carpool line 🙂

My children make every sacrifice worth it for me because their love is priceless and there aren’t enough adjectives to express how blessed and favored I feel simply for being given the opportunity to be their mother. They are my divine gifts from above and on Mothers Day and every other I say “Thank You” to Him for loving me enough to send these two beautiful spirits into our lives.

So, from one mother to all the current and future mommies, I say Happy Mothers Day! We are all blessed beyond measure.

Discipline Takes Practice

Paulin Nordin

Oh how I do struggle with this issue. Some days I am completely good about staying far, far away from the foods that I grew up loving. While others I find myself giving in to the temptation and pull of a food simply because “it tastes sooooooooooo good”.

Of course I immediately feel guilty about it and punish myself with a killer workout the next day—reinforcing the notion that I should have left it alone in the first place—but the penance I pay only lasts until the next slip-up undoubtedly happens and then…BOOM!

Well, today was one of those days. I didn’t eat well because I simply wanted to go “off the wagon” and eat something delicious and hearty for a change. Lifting, circuit-training, biking, etc. is all good for this body of mine but it also means I spend a great deal of my day looking for my next meal. And, did I mention I absolutely love food?

Inasmuch as I’ve gotten away from meat—tofu and soy are infinitely more desireable options to me at this point—and eschew most things dairy (although I don’t know that I’ll ever leave cheese), I do have my weaknesses. And when life gets ridiculously busy, I turn to those vices by the boatload.

When this happens, I start looking for ways to get myself back on track: a fellow woman-in-training, a photo, a quote, a song…or a simple blog post written by someone whose life is all about what I’m trying to become—the very definition of fit.

I found that inspiration today via Muscle and Fitness Hers; it was in a blog post written by Pauline Nordin—a fitness fanatic who has conditioned and trained herself into a fighting machine. Here’s what she had to say about those days when the cravings seems to overwhelm your good intentions:

…when you cheat on your diet, you condition your brain into believing that it’s okay to give in. So when the urge to eat crappy food is strong enough, that’s it — you will give in. To break this habit, you have to be consistent in saying no to the craving. When you are consistent, you give that response strength and you know that there is no damn way that cookie craving is going to derail you from your plan.

I read that and a light bulb went off for me because so often I just feel like—man…what did I just do here? LOL.

But reading that post reminded me that discipline takes practice and the destination I’m trying to end at won’t come without setbacks.

So, today I lost, but as Scarlett O’Hara would say, “…tomorrow is another day”.

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