Punch Today In The Face!

As the school year winds down, my “To Do” list amps up! Between ballet recitals, the close of soccer season, and the myriad of events taking place at my children’s primary school, I feel like a woman on the verge. However, lucky for me, I am easily soothed by two things…a great workout and, well, I’ll keep the other to myself ;).

That said, I get up every morning, peruse my agenda, and then make a point to try and tackle what I can without allowing the sensation that I’m becoming overwhelmed to overcome me. It’s something that can be difficult to do when your days don’t ever seem to end, but balance is something that has to be maintained in order for me to be effective as a mommy/wife.

So, as you prepare to rumble through your day today, and knock out the things that need to be done, remember that you are the sole proprietor of your good sensibilities. Even the most challenging of tasks—mandatory or not—can be directly effected by your approach and overall attitude. You are the one element in the equation that has the biggest impact so don’t let little setbacks discourage you from getting the job done.

Go out there and kick today’s backside!

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