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Time to Rest

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My body is screaming loudly for a respite as I have seriously put it through it’s paces over the last couple days. That said, I always allot at least one stretch day in my regimen—one that’s typically Yoga-infused—just to be sure that I keep my flexibility where I want and need it to be.

It’s important to always listen to your body’s cues when you come across the point where everything hurts and you literally don’t have the energy to lift a pot much less a weight.

Rest is one of the most important aspects of training and if you neglect to get it as needed, you can potentially do unnecessary harm to the progress you’ve already made.

Remember to always take a day or two—sometimes a week is necessary—to reset and rejuvenate. Your body will thank you for it and the gains you’ll experience the next time you workout will be felt two-fold.

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Jumpstart Your Strength Training Routine With This

Pulldown exercise to the front
Pulldown exercise to the front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s tough to get a strength-training regimen going when you’re not sure where to start, but when I saw this print-out this morning, I thought it was a great way to at least introduce a few exercises to those who have yet to take the plunge—particularly if you have a gym membership at your disposal.

While I don’t believe in remaining stagnant in your strength-training plan, I do believe in incorporating as many muscle groups as possible in order to give your body the balanced, toned, and strong look so many of us crave.

My suggestion is to use the above routine as a template—a nice starting point—and then, as you gain strength and confidence, vary it to make it more amenable to what you need and want for your body.

For those who might be wondering if it can be incorporated into a home workout, trust me it can.

If you don’t currently subscribe to a gym, your best bet is not to concentrate on the exercises, but rather on the muscle groups they are meant to train. For instance, the wide-grip pulldown (shown in the picture above) focuses on the upper back and the shoulders. Exercises like tricep push-ups, wide grip pull-ups (using a chin-up bar), incline/decline push-ups, and dumbbell flys all offer a great alternative to those same muscles.

It might take a little extra research on your part to find the home alternatives that work for you, but it certainly can be done.

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It’s Monday…Again!

Okay, true confession time: I hate Mondays!

My weekends are typically very relaxing, enjoyable. and laid back. Unlike some of my more hard core fitness fanatics, I trust in my weekend activities for my “exercise” as opposed to actually conjuring up a routine. That said, by the time Monday gets back to town, I am not motivated or ready to put on the sports bra and get back yo business.

The cure for me is to go to my on-line vision board or my Facebook page—where I subscribe to tons of health and fitness pages—to find something to get me going. I usually succeed and manage to get Monday conquered in short order.

So, straight from my timeline, I share with you this gem for the gym:

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