I Hate to Get Off Track

This week has been hell! Too many nights that turned into early mornings and too many days overflowing with things to do.

That said, the more pressing matter is what those extended days—and the lack of sleep that accompanied them—has meant for my “living fit” lifestyle. Being exhausted, at least for me, is often a gateway to not eating as healthy or as focused as I should or would be if I were being aware of my body and listening to it’s cues. As I mentioned in the previous post, my kids being home for summer vacation has meant some schedule restructuring on my part because where I once had school hours to do things like cook, clean, exercise, and shop, I now have to do it all with them in tow.

Granted, I have zero issues with being with my kids 24/7, but you’d be surprised how much more efficient your tasks have to be when you’re on full mommy alert—i.e. making sure they aren’t in harms way, aren’t wandering off, aren’t touching anything needlessly, aren’t in need of a potty break or suddenly hungry— and, for me, who is an admitted Type A personality, I don’t do well with mass chaos. I can take it as it comes…so long as I know about it in advance.

But I digress.

I recognized that the week was going in the wrong direction as early as Sunday, but continued down the path of least resistance and managed to blow off at least one workout while half-assing a second; pair that with a few days of bad eating and, voila, living fit mommy isn’t living so fit.

My goal is to not let the week end the way it started but rather to get myself back on track. I’ve certainly been down this road enough to know that sometimes it’s the falling that makes the getting up that much more rewarding.

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