The Wall of Inspiration

My current home-improvement project centers around devoting a portion of the wall in my designated home gym to becoming a vision board. For those who have no idea what that is, a vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes, spiritual affirmations, etc. placed on a board or wall in order to inspire you to keep working towards your goal—whatever that goal may be. I currently have a virtual vision board of sorts on Pinterest, but I’ve decided I need something I can actually look at whilst working out to get me through those tough moments.

Even the most dedicated of exercisers have moments where they aren’t feeling they are progressing as well as they should. When you do something five or six days a week, it’s easy to get burned out and want to take a break or give up altogether. However, as I’ve said many times before, being/getting/staying fit is a life-long commitment.

I mean, could you take a break from breathing?

That said, you have to find ways to remain inspired and keep yourself focused when the going gets tough and the routine starts to feel a little stale. And creating a board filled with not only inspirational items but—as mine will—new routines and techniques you have yet to try could be the best way to keep things fresh and exciting.

If you’re not into dedicating a wall, a notebook or bulletin board could be more your speed. The method doesn’t matter, this is all about personal inspiration—how you accomplish that is up to you.


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