A Quick Workout is Better Than No Workout at All

This is a semi-easy day for me on the training front. Every couple weeks I opt for a short-training day; one that’s about 30-45 minutes. The reason for that is both simple and practical. For one, it’s grocery day/errand day and two, I spend a majority of this particular day running around like a wild woman and often by the time I get home I’m ready to hit a pillow and either press play on the DVD or crack open whatever book is on the side of my bed. So, I need to get my routine in quickly so I can get started on my long list of things “to do” for the day.

So, my plan is to do a quick high-intensity interval routine (HIIT) and then get going. That way I feel good about me before I walk out the door and can feel confident that I didn’t neglect the most important part of my day when I finally do get home.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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