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Fit Mommy: I’m the Best at Being Me

I used to spend a lot of time trying to please people. I wasn’t a “people pleaser” per se, but I certainly tried to cater to the feelings of others by being careful not to offend them with  my personal views and steering clear of any issues that could potentially cause static.

In other words, I always tried not to rock the boat for fear falling out of it altogether. However, with years of being stepped on and overlooked comes the realization that looking out for others doesn’t always mean they’re looking out for you.

It became clear to me that I wasn’t serving myself, or those I felt the need to shield from my self, by holding back the parts that make me who I am—especially since the majority of persons I granted this respect to often still felt the need to say and do whatever they damn well pleased whether it offended me or not.

I stopped being non-confrontational and decided if I don’t agree or like something, I will speak up and say so—respectfully of course—and make sure that people understand not to mistake my silence for weakness.

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Fit Mommy: For The Couch Potato In You

For The Couch Potato In You

If you’re watching the Olympics, you can’t help but be a little envious of all of the fit and trim bodies you’re watching run, jump, and swim across your screen five to six hours a day. I mean, Ryan Lochte alone makes me want to take up swimming tomorrow—and I abhor getting in the water.

That said, why not turn all of that visual stimulation into action by completing some of the quick exercises (provided in the link above) during the numerous commercial breaks and lulls in competition. Who knows, maybe you can get a gold medal of your own, a figurative one anyhow, for using t.v. time in the most innovative way.

And if the Olympics aren’t your speed, you can still fit any one of these exercises in during your nightly news broadcast as well—no excuses.

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Fit Mommy: Tabata for You

I tend to incorporate a round or two—sometimes three if I’m really in the zone—of Tabata after each weight training session. I lift three to four days a week and love the idea of incorporating a short interval of high-intensity training to compliment my strength regimen. It’s something that has worked wonders for burning fat from the more stubborn areas of my body.

You can truly make Tabata’s your own using just about any type of exercise; so long as you do them at a high intensity, you’re well on your way to reaping the benefits.

Here’s one that could be worth a try:


Happy Friday!

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