Fit Mommy: Excellence Takes Time, Discipline, and Ingenuity

The one thing that I’ve noticed about those who choose to work out at home—for whatever reason—is how much more disciplined and dedicated they are than those who don’t. Now, before you go wild and accuse me of being short-sighted, keep in mind that I’m not saying that going to the gym four, five, or maybe even six days a week doesn’t take discipline. I did that for years and I know it does, but if you’re at home with only a set of dumbbells and a a pair of gym shoes, then you’re really having to work hard to find a regimen that works for you because you have to be creative when there are no machines or trainers to guide you.

While there are tons of at-home workout programs at your disposal—from television to DVD’s—let’s face it, those items can only be used so much before you start to get bored and yearn for something more, or worse quit altogether.

That said, keeping things fresh is a challenge when the only person planning the activities is you.

In my personal experience I’ve found that no matter how hard the way gets, I am always continuing to look for another challenge. If I start to get bored, I research other exercises I haven’t tried or look into refining my fitness goals a bit.

For example, if my abs are finally showing, but my back needs a bit more work, then I focus on doing more to enhance it. If my strength training regimen is no longer producing results, I increase the repetitions or the weights—and along the way I continue to add to my home gym and, eventually, there is little I can’t do in my own home.

I know that excellence—based on my standard of what that is—takes time, and every ounce of my being wants that excellence in the worst way. So while I may not be the best-of-the-best, I will work my tail off to prove that I’m every bit as focused as the next person.

It’s all about continuing to succeed in my goals and reach the next level and, come hell or high water, I will do just that!


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