Fit Mommy: Wreck Your Excuses

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Go ahead, it’s Friday, get your excuses for not working out ready and lay them out flat on the imaginary table I’ve conjured up for this exercise. It’s an ordinary wood table, with a flat-top surface, and it’s big enough to fit every excuse you can possibly think of…can’t think of any just yet? Okay, let me help you as I’ve already thought of a few myself:

It’s Friday. 

I’m tired. 

I killed it yesterday, so I think I can skip today. 

My kids have to be at x-y-z for a-b-c and I simply can’t fit it in.

I just got my hair done, I don’t want to sweat it out. 

I don’t know that I have another day in me this week. 

I’m on/going on vacation and there isn’t a gym

I…(feel free to add your excuse here).

Okay, now that we have all our excuses on the table, take the imaginary sledge-hammer appropriately seated next to it and—much like you would an axe—bring it down hard into the center of said table as hard as you possibly can..over and over again; absolutely wreck that sucker and leave nothing but scattered pieces of wood and paper in your wake.

Are you done?


Now, go lift a weight, run a mile, ride your bike, drop a squat, or whatever it is you can do to break an honestly earned sweat (assuming you’re not sick or injured) because living fit is an everyday commitment, and excuses don’t have room in that world.

You are the boss of your body and your office is the gym—how’s that saying go, “bosses don’t cancel”?—and it’s time for you to go to work for the day. And don’t half-ass that son-of-a-gun either as your payday isn’t in dollars and cents, but in health and fit—and you want every possible perk you can get.

So, what are you waiting for…work is calling.

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2 thoughts on “Fit Mommy: Wreck Your Excuses

  1. I love to challenge myself even thought I want to throw up at the thought of it. I am always trying to come up with excuses on Wednesday mornings, before my sprint workout, on how I can call it off or just NOT show up. As I am walking up to the track, having not called in or not shown up, I feel the urge to vomite because I know what I want takes real EFFORT EACH TIME I am there. I don’t want to cheat ME! I want to succeed for ME! Great post!


    • Kimberley says:

      I know what you mean! Monday’s are my worst day as I usually take Sunday off–that said, motivation is tough to come by.

      When I hit that wall though, I try to remind myself that progression comes with commitment–and, like you say, you don’t want to cheat yourself!

      Thanks for the comments 🙂


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