Fit Mommy: Late…But Done

Today I was sidetracked by a plethora of things on my schedule.

My son is in soccer camp, my daughter was in need of entertaining while he was, clothes needed washing, blogs needed writing, and my baby brother just needed to chat with his big sister—all necessary but not all necessarily given to the best of timing.

Needless to say, my usual attempts at a morning or early afternoon workout were thwarted.

That said, once things slowed down a bit, I caught a power nap and got my routine in. I feel so much better now that I have—ready to take on whatever is left of this day that’s for sure—and my body is slowly breathing a sigh of relief now that I’ve given it a daily dose of strength love.

My routine for the day focused heavily on triceps with biceps and back being the secondary muscles trained—for the most part.

Here was my arm workout for the day:

4 x 12 alternating arm curls (4 sets per arm)
4 x 12 military press
4 x 12 chest press
4 x 12 tricep push-ups
4 x 12 incline push-ups
4 x 12 skull crushers
4 x 12 tricep kickbacks (4 sets per arm)
4 x 12 tricep extension (4 sets per arm)
4 x 12 one-arm row (4 sets per arm)
4 x 12 dips
4 x 12 reverse curls

I followed that up with some ab work (700 repetitions total) and two rounds of tabata.

Today was a good day for me.

What did you all do?

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