Fit Mommy: Anger and Exercise

Today is an angry day for me. I have those every so often and I use them to full advantage.

If you’ve never hit the gym or your training room at home—while you’re angry as hell— I highly recommend it. There is nothing like hitting the weight bag, powering through lunges, or kicking the ‘t’ out of tabata whilst ready to punch the world in the face.

Sound a little too violent for a Tuesday? Sorry…just keeping it real.

My good days far outnumber my bad and that’s a blessing, but sometimes I not only wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but in the wrong bed—in the wrong room—and on the wrong continent altogether!…figuratively speaking that is.

Exercise is a release. It’s meant to be as mentally rewarding as it is physically; cheap therapy if you will. And when the day is crappy and long and unrewarding, it’s nice to know that I can put on my gym shoes, punch in some angry, raw, and unforgiving rap music and blow off some much needed steam and calories.

60-90 minutes later I might not be through with the anger, but I am certainly less ready to put on the gloves.


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3 thoughts on “Fit Mommy: Anger and Exercise

  1. On Sat or Sun morning I awoke to teenage angst in the house full of uncertainty and insanity. I wanted to storm around the house busting dishes as I put them away, dust till I rubbed the polish off the furniture but my husband kicked me out for a run. I cannot say it was my fastest run but 45 mins later I came back sweaty, thankful and loving my teens again.


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