Fit Mommy: Hate on Hater

I love to be underestimated. From the very beginning, my journey towards fitness was plagued by doubts (both external and internal) that I couldn’t stay committed to my regimen, giving up meat in favor of becoming a “lacto-ovo vegetarian” would eventually get the best of me, finding time to pop into my home gym with two little ones and a hubby to take care of would prove to be too difficult over the long haul, etc., etc., etc.

I’ve heard the doubts and encountered a lack of support from every angle (even at home where my family still enjoys some meats and often is free to indulge in the occasional sweet treat or two)—yet, three-years later, I’m still kicking ass and taking names and looking better than I did at 20!

One of the things I learned early on was people who are dissatisfied with their own bodies and lives are always hoping you fail. They don’t want you to succeed because that only emphasizes their own short-comings and lack of dedication and no one likes that light to be shined on them—especially when it’s an LED with a wide lens.

But, your job is to do you, and do you well, and support others like yourself who are doing the same. That’s why I do my best to be positive about not only my own efforts, but those around me who are sticking with it and doing the best they can to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s a select group and they deserve all the praise in the world for not being overtaken by a life lived sedentarily.

No, living the healthy life is not always easy, it never is, but it’s damn sure worth it…and so are you!

Source: via Kimberley on Pinterest

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