Comparative vs. Competitive

I thought this was a phenomenal message and wanted to share it with you.

Your Turn Women

Good Morning!

I don’t believe that I am competitive, I am definitely more comparative!  I can find a quality in every woman that I admire about them and then I compare myself and come to the conclusion that I need to be more.  It is not that I want to be better than her and then rub her face in it. (the difference between competitive and comparative).  She is so nice, I should be more friendly.  She is so fit, I need to be more fit.  She has a beautiful outfit on, I need to dress better. She does Yoga, I should do Yoga. She reads to her kids, she eats cous cous, she is a good friend, she volunteers in the community, she meditates, she knits, she sews, she speaks five languages……The more wonderful women I meet the more inadequate I become! Until July 4th 2012. I overheard one…

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