Fit Mommy: You Have to Start Somewhere

When I began my regimen three-years ago, I was a size 8 with minor definition in my arms. I was curvy but not necessarily all that toned. However, as I’ve mentioned in previous entries, I watched the documentary-style film entitled “Food Inc.” and was instantly inspired to change the way I view food and approach my health.

At that time, I only had a pair of dumbbells to guide me. No gym. No personal trainer. No workout buddy. Just a goal of a fitter-looking me—one who felt she measured up to the images on the cover of the magazine and could knock the hubby’s socks off whenever she damn well chose.

Each step along the way, from beginning to now, proves to be a testament to my ability to remain focused and I feel so proud of myself for not having given up.

So, when I ran across this video this morning, it reminded me of how simple a process getting fit can be and how you don’t need much to make the smallest of changes in your lifestyle—just yourself and a desire to get better.

We all start somewhere, right? Where will you?

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