Fit Mommy: Sexual Healing

Did you know that having a little “afternoon delight” first thing in the morning can do wonders for your day?

Of course it’s difficult to find the time to do such things when there are school lunches to pack and work schedules to keep, but why not hit the hay instead of the snooze every once in a while. It might do your body good—or at least that what the doctors say.

“Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good. It makes you stronger and more beautiful too: Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection. And climaxing releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which improves the tone and texture of your skin and hair.

Great skin, hair, and a better immune system? Hmmm, sounds like a morning made in health and love heaven to me.

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