Fit Mommy: Keeping It Simple

Life can be suffocating. My days are filled with so many things to do that I can hardly cram it all in.

The one constant thing that I have made sure to do, solely for my benefit, is exercise and I do it as much for my mental health as for my physical appearance. And I have zero doubt that I would go mad without it. That small section of the day that I devote to it has become my way of facing what’s left in the day and saying I got this…so bring it!

As mothers and wives, so much of our “me” time—which if you’re a mother, you rarely find true “me” time anywhere—is spent doing laundry, fixing meals, cleaning house, working, writing blog that’s meant to inspire other women to be their best, etc. But how often are you actually sitting completely still and enjoying those rare moments of quiet? When are you just “being” without having to be there for somebody?

It’s tough finding that balance between and “enough” and “too much” while maintaining your regularly scheduled programming at the same time—the two undoubtedly bump heads with each other. So we choose to keep chipping away at our inner selves in hopes that one day we’ll find the time to do better at being still and enjoying the moment.  

Unfortunately, what actually ends up happening is we start to resent the people who so freely take up our time. We become bitter, angry, and unfulfilled in every way and, if left unchecked, unhappy with the hand we’ve been dealt. At that point, no amount of physical activity will chase away the demons we’ve conjured up. 

No matter what phase you’re at in life, you have to assess what YOU need—and you have to do it on a more regular basis than once or twice a week during Yoga (if you even do that). Steal a moment here and there to remind yourself it’s okay if you’re not perfect and it’s alright that you can’t be everything to everybody all the time.  You aren’t superwoman, and you don’t have to be…being YOU is enough. 

Take a moment to remind yourself how important a role you play in the daily processes of life and maybe you won’t have to spend a lifetime regretting how you chose to live. 


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