Fit Mommy: Change is Difficult

I’m a creature of habit: I don’t like to step outside the box much and regularly make the decision to stay within my comfort zone rather than risk failure. 

It’s the way I’ve always been and it’s worked for me. 

That said, where improving my body is concerned, I am no-holds barred! I love to try new things, take chances, and find new ways of challenging myself.

If I feel I’m getting too comfortable in a training routine, I change it up—no hesitation. My approach to fulfilling and maximizing my physical results is to do all that I can to make sure I’m doing enough. 

Bearing that in mind, I’ve begun to wonder why I hesitate to be that free and unencumbered in my everyday life; why can’t I take the same level of risk in my approach to living as I do to living a healthy lifestyle? Is it fear of failure or, more interestingly, a fear of having great success?

Many of us, as we get older and become more comfortable with being women—stripped of the social influences that chained or distracted us in our youth—find that we’ve outgrown the life we thought was perfect for us to lead. And we’re suddenly left wondering if, given the chance again, we would indeed choose the same path. 

It’s not abnormal to wonder or ponder those things regularly. We are always evolving and becoming a newer, more interesting version of ourselves. But, at some point, whether you want to or not, you’re going to have to step outside yourself and start answering the questions; the trick will be to find if you can live with the answers. 

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