Living Fit Mommy: Right Direction, Wrong Foot

Okay, today is a new day, and I am re-dedicating myself to getting back on track.

My eating and exercise regimen from last week was an unsuccessful mess. Too many days were usurped by more pressing obligations, and too many of my food choices went the way of hell; therefore, step one is to dive into my journals and take a look at what I did right in the weeks prior to see where I can tweak things a bit for the coming week.

The goal being not to overdo it out of guilt for what I failed to accomplish last week.

I’m notorious for “making it up to my body” by going overboard with everything–food intake, exercise, reps, sets, etc. My way of negating a bad week is to increase my workout load and decrease my caloric intake. Which, by the way, is a totally insane way of doing things.

My psyche goes on steroids, with a little extra caffeine thrown in on top as I repeatedly tell myself that more is what I need to do to make things right. It’s a completely unhealthy habit, I know, but it’s one I’ve used on more occasions than I care to mention (did I mention I’m hardly perfect?).

That said, my focus today is on taking it one meal at a time, scheduling a challenging workout, and reminding myself that one day won’t kill your progress but being stupid certainly can.

I intend to not be stupid today.


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