Living Fit Mommy: Moderation is Key

The hardest part about the holidays–at least for me–is avoiding overindulgence.

From the time the Thanksgiving turkey is bought (which, I have to say, I despise turkey in general) until the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, I feel like I’m constantly saying ‘no, thank you’.

‘No, thank you, one helping was enough’. ‘No, thank you, I didn’t leave room for dessert’. ‘No, thank you, I’m perfectly fine with one glass of wine’.

If the words ‘no, thank you’ paid dividends, I could trade mine in for a trip to the Bahamas well before 2013.

That said, fighting the urge to be overindulgent isn’t always the biggest obstacle. Sometimes it’s the need to be a part of all the fun that goes along with it! I mean, honestly, who isn’t keen on sharing a few drinks at one of the many Christmas parties they’re likely to attend? And who doesn’t want to eat heartily on Thanksgiving?–to hell with the five or 10 pounds that might come as a result…bring on the gravy!!!

Well, as fun as it all sounds, I’m also well aware that my body is no longer capable of eating or drinking like that anymore. I made a commitment to myself to be smart and careful with my choices and no amount of camaraderie is worth losing the pride I feel knowing I’m building a fit, healthy, body.

So, my goal this holiday–as it has been for the last several–is moderation. Moderation is always the key…moderation keeps your jean size right where you want it to be come January.

And I definitely say ‘yes, please’ to that!



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