Women’s Fitness: Goals vs. Intentions


Every morning I get up, eat breakfast, and go over (in my head) what my plan is for the day. Typically, I know I will have about six-hours to do what needs to be done—mostly due to my kids being in school during that time. However, I also know that if I don’t write any of those floating words down on paper (or log them into my phone), they’re not likely to get done. And therein lay the difference between a goal and an intention.


When you develop a physical list of items to get done on a particular day or within a set time frame, it’s a goa.  But, if you simply allow those items to rattle around in your mind—only allowing them to act as an occasional intruder in your memory bank—then they are bound to remain an intention.


Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy habits have to be goals, not intentions.


I always tell friends and colleagues that the issue most seem to have with getting “fit”  doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual acts itself (and all it entails), but instead with the confusion surrounding what one should do to get there.


How do I turn a set of intentions into something tangible?


Where do I start?


Who can help get me there?


Those questions are usually the reason so many people opt for the quick-fix—”miracle” pills and fad diets—because those things have set rules to follow: take xyz three times a day after a meal or do abc twice a day for thirty-days and you’ll see immediate results!


But, what they al fail to realize is fit is a lifestyle, not a diet. And the easiest way to get there is by understanding that it takes patience, commitment, and a desire to change your attitude towards food and exercise. If you can’t do that, you’ll have a difficult time gaining any satisfaction with the direction your health will take and that will most likely lead you to give up altogether. So, my advice is to figure out what your fitness goals are and then personally research what you need to do to get there.


Along the way, maintain training logs and keep a diary of your progress. And, if you need motivation, find a friend to take the journey with you, or look to the myriad of support groups that exist in the online community to help keep you focused and on-track.


In the end, the hope is that your goals become more than just a cluster of words in your head, but a tangible guide to where and who you want to be.


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