You Had Me at ‘Plyo Box’

So, it’s an all-cardio day for me today, and anytime I come across a new workout that challenges something I’m currently doing, I’m all over it!

Here’s some backstory on my ‘Plyo Box’: a couple months back, my wonderful hubby gifted me one for our anniversary. I’d been eyeing one at Rogue Fitness for a few months, but wasn’t feeling the price tag—the box they sell through their online site would have set me back about $150.00, and I wasn’t about to drop that kind of coin with the holiday season so near.

Enter my personal handy-man (pictured here building it for me) who took it upon himself to secure the measurements and build it instead:


There’s something seriously sexy about a man who can do such fine work with his hands…*sigh*

But I digress.

So, anywho, my plyo box is 20″ at one side and 24″ at another, and I’ve incorporated it into my cardio workouts on a regular basis for a few weeks now. However, I ran across this workout on my Facebook feed and thought it was a perfect addition to my routine today as I typically utilize my box as an ‘active rest’ station as opposed to a workout all it’s own.

The lovely thing about box jumping is it gets your heart rate up in a very short period of time because you’re utilizing so much force and energy to get from the floor to the top of the box. And, the greater the speed, the more breathless the set leaves you.

It’s definitely a great HIIT workout (HIIT=High-Intensity Interval Training).

If you have a box, you should give this one a try. If not, I recommend mixing in some HIIT anyway.

For instance, if you’re the running type—mix in some quick 10-15 second sprints.

If you swim, add in a relay or two between laps.

If you bike, mix in some sprints.

The important thing is to that you get your heart pumping and kick your metabolism into overdrive!

What are you waiting for, get moving!



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