It’s Monday…Again

Monday’s aren’t really the best day for anyone, are they? I mean, it’s the first day after what feels like a too-short weekend and  a majority of us are feeling a bit sluggish—and maybe not as motivated to get back into the swing of our workout regimen.  That said, the best way to get back on track is to get back in gear and my plan today is a bit different from my normal Monday approach because, as opposed to easing into my routine, I plan to go as hard as I can.

Last week saw me only putting in four days as opposed to my usual five or six—between Christmas shopping, PTO responsibilities, and shuttling my kids to and fro, I just didn’t have enough hours in the day—and I can feel those missed days in my overall attitude towards getting my routine in this morning.

The best way to combat an urge to be half-assed is to do everything in a turned up manner. Just lay everything on the line and remind your body that you haven’t forgotten how to step up to the plate and challenge it to work at keeping, getting, or improving the physique you’ve spent so much time cultivating.

Monday’s aren’t fun for me by any stretch, but this Monday I’m taking it up a notch just because I can dammit!!

Now, lets get it, lets get it, lets go!!!

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