Monthly Archives: July 2013

Soreness…Soreness Everywhere

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Candy Crush, but let me tell you: I feel like I’ve been zapped, smashed, and leveled right now; my body one big ball of pure soreness…and I LOVE IT!

Call me a freak, crazy, insane, twisted, or just plain cuckoo, but sore muscles signify new muscles, and I never complain about new muscles–ever.

That said, I’ll be laying off the weights today as yesterday’s leg day hell is starting to take effect, and the aforementioned shoulders would just as soon laugh than assist me in lifting anything heavier than a fork. So, I’m taking the day to recuperate, stretch, and, perhaps later, do a little lightweight cardio on the stationary.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll play a little Candy Crush 😉



Well, That Was Fun

So, yesterday’s workout went pretty much as expected. I felt more energetic, less achy, and a whole lot more focused than in the weeks leading up to my voluntary respite; and the time spent getting my body back in gear was not only refreshing, but enjoyable as well.

Even so, this morning’s soreness reawakened my sense of respect for muscle development, forcing me to revisit my deep stretching regimen sooner than usual; If not for that, I’m pretty sure I would have remained huddled in the fetal position for the better part of the day.

As I pedal away during the cool down portion of today’s workout, I again feel the same sense of renewal and focus I felt at the conclusion of yesterday’s training session; reminding me once again that as long as I am able to do this, I will do it with everything I’ve got.

No pain, no gain.


Back to Work!

So, after a long week of resting, getting some much-needed chores done, school-shopping (my kids go back in less than two weeks!), and enjoying a mini-vacation with my family, I’m ready to get back to the business of bettering my body.

I won’t kid you, it’s difficult to find the motivation to step back into my fitness regimen after voluntarily taking so many days away; but I know if I don’t do it, the misery I’ll feel at the lost progress will be far greater than the hesitation I feel at jumping back into it.

Here’s hoping the time away did what it was supposed to have done: heal me and make me stronger than ever!

Happy Monday 🙂