Fitness: Learn to Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Build Your Resolve

The one thing people always ask me is how do you stay motivated? Granted, it’s a tough thing to do, especially since I workout alone in my home; I am constantly battling the urge to skip a day after a long, lustrous, weekend lulls me into a lazy submission, or buy into the opinion that I should be “in maintenance mode” now that I “look so fit” and therefore don’t need to exercise nearly as much as I did at the start (thanks for that mom :)), but at the end of the day it’s the dialogue I have with myself that keeps me firmly focused on my goals. I know what I want for myself and I know that even to stay where I am takes work…so I press on; I overcome that little voice that says “take a day”.

One of the most important attributes you’ll ever develop as a devoted fitness fanatic, or even as one who simply is striving to live healthier, is the one which allows you to overcome the obstacles that life, people—and sometimes even yourself—so conveniently places in your path. It’s absolutely the truth when it’s said that fitness is as much about the mind as it is about the body; we have to strengthen our Will if we are to have any hope of reaching our goals. And though that may mean falling off the wagon more times than you care to recall or mention, rest assured, your ability to get back on said wagon is a tried and true measure of just how dedicated you’re becoming to your health and how much stronger you’re making your Will in the process.

My personal journey is still fraught with its share of bad days; trust me there are moments when I question my desire to go further (they come almost weekly now that the battle against plateauing has become much tougher to fight) but it’s at those times I choose to remind myself why I started, what a great role-model I am for my kids, and how much of an impact I can be on those around me who may still be contemplating the next step, but aren’t sure they’re ready.

You have to find what motivates you and develop it into something that can be used on those days when the desire to go home and relax is stronger than the one to pull on the training shoes and break a sweat. You won’t be able to do is overnight but, like with anything else, be patient. You’ll certainly get there.


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