Fitness: Do You Have the Time or Don’t You?

The biggest myth for those who say they want to get fit, but haven’t been able to find the time to devote to their goals, is the very idea that there is a “lack of time” to fit in a training session of any kind. The idea that an 8-hour work day limits what we can do off the clock is a myth; it certainly makes the prospect more challenging—particularly if there is a commute of any sort involved—but definitely not impossible.

A great way to truly note the level of time one does or does not have is to keep a time log for one week; no matter what you’re doing, write it down along with how long you devoted yourself to it, and whether it qualifies as recreational or not. Then, at the end of said week, count up the number of minutes you actually spent doing things like checking e-mail, updating/reading Facebook statuses, following an event or conversation on Twitter, watching television, etc., to determine if a lack of time is really just a lack of time management.

I’ve found that the vast majority of people who feel they “don’t have time to workout” actually do have time, they just choose not to use it…well…working out. Trust me, if you can find time to web browse, text, tweet, Facebook, or sip a glass of wine, then you can find time to workout; lack of time rarely counts as an adequate excuse for anyone.


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One thought on “Fitness: Do You Have the Time or Don’t You?

  1. MandyRaynor says:

    Well said! Life is busy, and while things may not be set up for a lot of people to be active – you might sit at a desk all day – you CAN find time. It’s all about priorities.


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