I Really Need to Get Organized

I need to get it together…seriously.

Lately I’ve had too many irons in the fire, so to speak. Between the kid’s summer vacation (and all that entails), my desire to remain dedicated to my fitness regimen, my blogs (I maintain two), my personal training studies, and my reinvigorated desire to supplement our income via freelance writing opportunities, I am feeling way overwhelmed!

So, today as I was trudging through my workout–a workout that I would say was not nearly as energetic due to late-week sluggishness and lingering “leg day” pain–I decided that I really need to get my act together in the organization department.

I have yet to decide how I’ll do this since I always thought I was organized and anal enough, but I’m I’ll find that there are plenty of places in my day that could use shoring up if only I’d look closer.

That said, I aim to start finding those places ASAP so that my head doesn’t decide to simply explode into a billion little pieces.

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