Fitness: Exercise Too Much? Eat Too Healthy?…Who Says?!


I can’t tell you how often this actually happens to me!

For some reason, there are people who (mistakenly might I opine) believe that once you reach a certain point with your body, you can ease up or just stop altogether; it doesn’t work that way—at least not for me. I’m in perpetual maintenance mode where my fit is concerned and, if I ever hope to exceed that and reach that next level of fitness (and trust me, there is always a next level) my personal, as it pertains to my body, I have to continue to step it up and challenge myself. I cannot give in to the idea that fit has an end date or an end point.

Fit doesn’t have a stop sign, folks. Fit is an endless road with tons of beautiful possibilities; the moment you recognize that, you’ll be better able to define your goals and determine what it is you hope to become.

My goals are always evolving, they have to if I am to stay motivated, and they may not always be about having six pack abs (although that would be lovely), or sporting killer thighs (trust me, I’m working on it)—sometimes it’s as simple as increasing my one rep max on the bench or performing a particular exercise with better form and efficiency—but they are enough to keep me inspired to find more ways to get, for lack of a better word, fitter; and it’s certainly enough to make me comfortable and confident when I let people know that, for me, there is no such thing as “exercising too much” or “eating too healthy”.

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2 thoughts on “Fitness: Exercise Too Much? Eat Too Healthy?…Who Says?!

  1. MandyRaynor says:

    This makes me laugh because it happens to me too – more often than you’d think. Like what? I had a lady tell me once that she couldn’t exercise so much because her body just couldn’t take it. Currently, she does nothing. Great reasoning. We’ll see whose body shuts down first.


    • Fit Mommy says:

      It amazes me how often I have a similar conversation. I usually laugh it off and walk away as arguing would be pointless.


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