I Feel Like This Often…

I say this daily: Fit ain’t easy. I love the benefits, but it’s a tough row to hoe on a daily basis—especially when you have a loaded schedule, kids to transport a million places, and a hubby who needs his wife to be…well…June Cleaver on more than a daily basis (sorry baby, I love you to pieces, but you can be a lot of work).

That said, I teeter-totter on the line between insanity and madness on more than a random basis and, you know what keeps me from tipping one way or the other on my worst day—my regimen. Sometimes it’s that very monotony, the sheer knowledge that this is something I choose to do FOR ME which keeps me from finding the nearest corner, assuming the fetal position, and repeating arbitrary numbers that only I understand the meaning of…okay, well, maybe I wouldn’t go all ‘Huck’ (he’s a character from the television show ‘Scandal’ in case you’re wondering), but you get my drift.

We all walk the tightrope every now and then, that’s okay, the trick isn’t avoiding it, the trick is knowing how to stay on it without losing your balance altogether. If you can do that, you’re halfway to winning the battle.

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