Yeah, It’s Monday Alright…

Today I get back at it again after a relaxing weekend of football (Go Dawgs!!), food, and fun.

I tend to take my weekends very seriously nowadays because they’re the only time I truly have my entire family together without the obligations of work/school to pull us in opposite directions. That said, where I used to include a two-hour workout every Saturday, I now bask in the glow of doing absolutely nothing—unless it’s unplanned and group oriented—and that has done wonders for my mental and physical well-being.

But, as the case tends to be on every Monday that follows such bliss, I have a hard time finding the motivation to get back into training mode; it’s not that I’m not itching to lift or jump into new challenges, but more the case of my mind not being where my body is—the former is like, “screw this, it’s Monday”, where the latter is more like “BEAST MODE ON…let’s get after it!!!”

It usually takes one training session to get them both on the same page.

In any event, I do feel somewhat giddy because I copped some new tunes over the weekend to update my playlist. Drake’s new album hit last week and Justin Timberlake releases the part two of “The 20/20 Experience” today; new music is always a great way to inspire movement in my case since dancing is one of my favorite cardiovascular activities.

Yes, it is definitely Monday again, but it’s also another week I can focus on getting stronger, better, and fitter—that’s never a bad thing.

(From my personal playlist, “I’ve Got This Friend” by The Civil Wars)

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