Sometimes The Roadblocks to Health Take on Familiar Faces

Here’s something I figured out very early in my fitness journey: not everyone will be with you when you decide to get healthy.

There are a fair number of people who have decided that being healthy is synonymous with being “skinny” and, as such, they want nothing to do with it. They’d rather keep their “curves” or stay “thick”, than look “anorexic” or have muscles “like a man”.

Believe it or not, despite the tremendous amount of information that exists to say otherwise, some people are resigned to the idea that muscles are for men, weights are evil, and any woman who desires to engage in the act of attaining anything outside whatever the so-called norm might be is wrong and destined to look like a freak.

Here’s a newsflash for you: there is no ideal body type. Every woman whose ever begun a fitness journey has an ideal in her mind, and her ideal may not jive with whatever your ideal might be, so the mere idea that looking one way or another makes you less acceptable is ludicrous at best, asinine at worst. There is no longer an ideal because the bottom-line is better health; however you achieve that, and whatever you look like when you do, is irrelevant.

Which leads me back to my initial point: not everyone will be on board with you once you do decide to make a change.

Call them haters, call them unmotivated, call them miserable…they’re all the same: they want you to stay precisely where you are so they won’t have to think about where they are. But, when it comes to your personal health, you have to make it about you—and if you have to hurt a few feelings, lose a few friends, or re-evaluate a few relationships along the way, so be it.

Of course it won’t be easy to distance yourself from people who don’t share your vision—especially in cases where it’s your spouse whose setting up the roadblocks—but getting fit is hard enough without surrounding yourself with people whose only hope is to see you fail. If it’s your spouse doing the negative talking, then you may have to take a closer look at where your relationship is heading and, possibly, look into counseling to find out if deeper issues exist; anyone else can either get on board or get on out.

It won’t be simple, obviously, but those who love and care for you will support your decision to get healthy and those who don’t…well…do you really want them in your life?

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