Don’t Let a Lack of Space Be Your Deterrent to Getting Fit

I’ve written here before about how easy it can be to set-up a home gym, and this post is essentially an add-on to that one because some people might feel the difficulty in doing so increases ten-fold when you don’t have a dedicated space to store such items (i.e. a bench, a stationary bike, etc.) once you’re done using them.

In my own home, I’ve converted my former office space into a designated fitness area—thanks to laptops most people no longer have to necessarily have a “office space” from which to work—however, when a friend of mine who lives in a smaller space asked how she might better build her own space without sacrificing much needed room in her home, I figured she wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from such tips—hence the inspiration behind this post—so here it goes:

1. A Fitness Mat

There are a fair number of exercises, which can be done from the floor (i.e. push-ups, bridges, planks, donkey kicks, hydrant-leg raises, etc.), minus the use of any additional items. However, it never hurts, particularly if you don’t have carpet in your home, to have a fitness mat to lessen any discomfort such exercises can have on your back/buttocks.

Even more, most mats are unobtrusive enough to be folded and stored essentially anywhere in your home—taking up about as much space as an umbrella.

2. A Pilates Ball

There are tons of exercises you can do using only a Pilates ball: squats, abductor and adductor exercises, planks (once your core is strong enough), and crunches.

Each ball comes in a different size, and it’s important to buy the one which best suits your height and weight but, once you have one, there are literally infinite amounts of information available on how to best incorporate its use into your exercise regimen; it can even double as a bench for strength workouts, making it a multi-purpose exercise tool.

Granted a Pilates ball is a little more tricky to store in a small hallway closet, but a small corner of the room is a perfectly acceptable place for one to be found and, if you have a walk-in closet, that’s even better.

3. A Jump Rope

Whether you have hardwood floors or a concrete walkway, you can likely find a way to use a jump rope for a phenomenal cardio workout either in or out of your home. And, as far as storage goes, fold it and place it in a drawer—no muss no fuss.

4. Your Home

Never underestimate the power of your own imagination.

I’ve used my kitchen counter for incline push-ups, my sofa as a leaning post for mountain climbers, the side of my bathtub for dips, and the stairs leading up to my front door for power step-ups.

While not everyone will be inclined to do as much, the point is, anything is possible with a little imagination and self-motivation. You just have to be willing to think outside the box.


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