You Can Do So Many Things Using Body Weight Alone

When people say they can’t get fit because they can’t get to the gym, I always think to myself: that’s lazy talk.

There are so many instances where people—either due to finances or circumstances—are forced to improvise on fitness; they find a way to get it done because it’s important to them. Period.

My advice to you is to look harder at the underlying reasons you’re not being proactive before you settle on one that holds about as much water as an eye-dropper.

Below is a video of just a few exercises that can be done—at home—using zero equipment. Most of the movements focus on the core and upper body, but you don’t need a chin-up station to increase back/shoulder strength—push-ups can be every bit as effective; and while having a TRX Training System can certainly add another dimension to your training, it’s not for everybody, and it can lead to significant injury if you have inadequate core strength, or aren’t already in fairly good condition. That said, approach any suspension training techniques with caution and, if possible, only do so under the qualified supervision of a fitness professional.

The bottom line is to get moving. Period.

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