How Bad Do You Want It?



Sometimes, achieving your overall goal of being “fit”—whatever your personal definition of that word might actually be—comes down to one question, and one question only: how bad do you want it?

You can make a million excuses for why you don’t have the time, energy, patience, capability, ability, desire, or motivation to work out but, again, how bad do you want it?

You can sit on your backside and curse the media for spewing out unattainable imagery of women who literally look like they were photoshopped from the womb, throw your hands up in defeat at what you feel will never be possible for your body, then throw insults towards those who are doing the work to exact whatever level of change they are capable of—labeling them “fitness freaks” in the process—but the bottom line will still be…how bad do you want it?

Say what you want, the information on how to get fit is readily available with little resistance. You don’t have to hire a personal trainer, although they can be an invaluable resource, to tell you what most anyone whose ever read a book, been on a diet, or walked into a gym can tell you: fitness involves a healthy diet and regular exercise. Anything else is a gimmick or temporary fix. That’s it.

It’s the simplest solution in the world yet tens of millions make the decision to eschew the fit life in favor of…for lack of a better word, a not-so-fit one.

You have to want it to get it. So, ask yourself…how bad do you want it?

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