Time to Drink On The Pounds!!!

Starbucks has brought back the infamous “red cups”…let the holiday madness officially begin. Photo: the dieline

I’d like to take a moment to thank the proprietors of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for making it possible for the average Joe to find, over-indulge in, then reap the pound-pleasing benefits of their hot beverages; for, without them, we’d all be forced to spend our days juicing and drinking bland tasting smoothies from our Blender Bottles.

First, I’m kidding. Second, if you didn’t know that I was kidding, you might need to reconsider the name of the blog again. After all, I might be a bit of a lush (here and there), but I do try extremely hard to live as fit a life as possible—my overblown ego wouldn’t have it any other way—in case that wasn’t annoyingly clear already.

That said, I am not lying about Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts doing something for the holiday-crazed caffeine junkies of the world.

Both chains have introduced—or in Starbucks’ case, re-introduced—some hot holiday goodness for us to enjoy; and they both seem extremely proud of themselves for granting us this blessing. And Starbucks feels we should feel honored just to hold their red cups in our hands.

“The red cups have taken on almost a cultural role, at least in the US, and now in a lot of other markets around the world as well. When the cups turns red at Starbucks, that’s one of the first cues that the holidays are upon us. The emotional connection that our store partners (employees) have when they open that first box of the red cups and start using them that first day, and the emotional connection they see from their customers, that’s what we strive for. They see that surprise and excitement: ‘Oh, the red cups are at Starbucks!’ It’s really special and all of us in the studio feel privileged to do the work that can create such an emotional moment and connection in our stores between our partners and our customers.” Terry Davenport, Senior VP, Global Brand and Creative Studios at Starbucks:

I mean, I love a good frappuccino, latte, or cup of Joe as much as the next guy, but I felt like I needed to bathe myself in holy water after this dude’s overly ritualistic description of something that will most likely end up in a trash compactor or landfill—I hope they’re biodegradable.

And, how about the hot, unapologetically, calorie-laden drinks going into said cups?

Those delicious holiday flavors won’t come cheap to the fit-minded, I’ll tell you that much.

That beautifully inviting, Caramel Brulee Latte will be the gift that keeps on giving at 52 grams of sugar, 430 calories, and 13 grams of fat.

Not into caramel? Rather give a go to Starbucks delicious Eggnog Latte instead?

Well, you can have all the holiday spirit you want at 460 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 48 grams of sugar. 

Hang on while I paint you a picture, “Mommy, look what Santa brought you this year…elastic waist pants!!!”…”Yaaaaayyyyyy, for the extra pounds in my Christmas stocking!”

That’s right, all that yummy goodness comes at a price, folks. And while one latte here and there won’t do it but I don’t recommend making anything Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts has to offer, a regular indulgence.

Say the word with me, “Mo-Der-A-Tion”.

Again, and with feeling this time, “Mo-Der-A-Tion”.



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