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Living Fit Mommy: Fitness “Tweet of the Day”

I can certainly relate to this one after today. You have to want it more than your body is telling you it does. Dig deep and summon the drive that made you love this life in the first place. It won’t always be easy, and you may not even be sure it’s worth it, but it’s better than hating what you see, feeling like crap, and doing nothing to change either.

Living Fit Mommy: From Beach Bum to Fit Mum

I took a week off from training—well, eight days to be exact—so this attempt at a Monday session is hitting me like a mother. That said, I don’t regret the time away, the beach it was spent sunning on, or the family and hubby time that I was gifted with in the process. It was all in good fun and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

Even so, that doesn’t help me at this moment—as I slip on the trainers, weight gloves, and HRM—so, what’s a girl to do?

Well, my plan is to ease my way back into the swing. Start with something familiar (knock out a few sets on the weight bench) and see if my body, and mind, respond in kind. And while it’s completely plausible to believe I’ll be ready to quit after 10-minutes—did I mention I was in a bikini, on a beautiful beach, this time last week?—I am challenging my mind to overcome this matter.

Ugh…I hate taking time off for this very reason but, again, I needed it, my body needed it, and I suspect I’ll be better for it in the long run.

Either way, my playlist is set, my clothes are on, and I’m alive and well—might as well give it a shot, right?

Alright, time to move something.