Living Fit Mommy: Fitness “Tweet of the Day”

A lot of people took issue with Alysia Montano’s decision to run the 800m race, last weekend, at 34-weeks pregnant. They felt she was being selfish and irresponsible, as well as putting her baby at a great deal of risk. However, I’m of the opinion that if her doctor was cool with her doing it, then why the hell not? Good. For. Her. I exercised up to my 35th week, with zero issues, and felt I had a much more manageable pregnancy as a result.

Sure, I made adjustments to my regimen the closer I got to my due date, and I knew better than to do anything too strenuous but, for the most part, I didn’t feel like using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthily and be lazy for nine months.

Listen, everyone is different, and not all situations will be the same, but don’t knock the actions of another unless you’re intimately familiar with their circumstance. That’s just ignorant on your part. And, as far as Mrs. Montano is concerned, rock on!

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